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Dec 10, 2009

India will play 2 Tests in 11 months is ridiculous

For a side which has just been coroneted world No.1 in Test cricket, it is ridiculous that India would be playing just 2 test matches in the next 11 months, feels Former England batsman Geoffrey Boycott.

"I read somewhere that in the next 11 months or so India will play only about two-odd Tests. How ridiculous is that? How can you judge India's performance over the next 11 months? You can judge them over the past few months - they have played very well and I have no problem with them being number one," said Geoffrey Boycott.

He said the ICC ranking system should not be believed precise unless all the Test playing nations play each other home and away equal number of times.

"Ranking system can never be taken literally or accurately. Doesn't matter which country is at the top, because there is no fair way at the moment of all the countries playing each other the same number of times. So don't get sucked into believing that the ranking holds true for whoever is number one," he said.

The cricketer-turned-commentator feels the top Test playing nations, including India, play each other more frequently only to make more money.

"Top sides want to play each other because they want to make more money out of it. India, England, Australia and South Africa are going to play each other more than they do some of the other lesser nations," Boycott said.


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  2. Yeah he is right,india have very srong players!