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Aug 13, 2010

I have never taken anything for granted: Sachin

Sachin has played five cricket World Cups in a career spanning over 20 years and Sachin Tendulkar says he has never taken anything for granted in life and always depended on his hard work.

Sachin, who gears up for his 6th World Cup to be held in the sub-continent, said he can't thank the massive more for all that he has achieved in his life.

"I'm very lucky to have played in five World Cups so far. God has been very kind to me to have given me good health and with that, fair amount of runs as well. I'm very happy and very grateful with whatever has come my way," said Sachin on this week's ICC Cricket World Cup Radio Show.

"I treasure each and every moment as I have not taken anything for granted. I have worked hard for everything I have achieved and will continue to do so. I'm just very happy, excited and extremely thankful to the Almighty," he added.

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